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The Last Weekend

Tomorrow at 8 a.m. I step on a plane to Tucson, AZ, with my friend A.J. and embark on a nine-day road trip on the West Coast. Please send us well wishes, good lucks, thoughts, prayers, gifts, money, face moisturizer, or anything else you think would be useful as we hit up the beaches in San Diego, get lunch with Lauren Conrad in Laguna Beach, stroll around Los Angeles with LiLo, hang out with Raven-Symoné in San Fran, take pix of sweet mountains in Yosemite, play the slots (well, I will at least) in Vegas, and be one with nature at the Grand Canyon.

(I know I’ve made you jealous with that last sentence. It’s why I wrote it in the first place. It makes me giddy inside. Sorry, not sorry!!!)

Before I leave, though, I wanted to have a typical summer weekend in Evanston, and I think I managed pretty damn well. Here are some shots from the past day or so … hope you like ’em!


This is my good friend Ella and her boyfriend Sammy. Yesterday morning, I asked Ella if she wanted to get brunch downtown. She lives across the street, and on my walk over to meet her, I witnessed her and Sammy say goodbye for the day. So, instead of being the sensible friend who calls out to them and says hello, I signaled to Sammy to pretend he didn’t see me and snuck up behind Ella to snap some adorbz pix.


This is the moment when Ella realized I was taking pictures of her and when Sammy realized I wasn’t about to run up to her and scare the shit out of her.

Sorry, Sammy.


This is a picture of my meal at brunch. We went to the Chicago Diner, which is my favorite vegan restaurant in Chicago. I have sworn to try every single thing on the menu before senior year is over, and I’m kind of close … which I am proud and scared about at the same time. I got the french toast combo (scrambled tofu, a “sausage” patty, and potatoes) with a side of “bacon.”

We sat on the patio, and the lighting was horrible, which is why it looks like we’re eating breakfast at a rave. We’re not. But it kind of felt like we were because I was so blissfully happy eating this foooooood.


These are strawberry and vanilla milkshakes. Because you cannot go to the Chicago Diner and not get a milkshake. It is just not a thing.


This is Betty, a 50 lb., 3-foot-long African turtle. A block away from the el station back in Evanston, there’s a pet store called Thee Fish Bowl where I buy things like dried mealworms and cat toys for my hedgehog. (Yeah. I’m ridiculous. I know.) Ella wanted to adventure inside to see if we could play with any puppies, but instead we found ourselves in the company of Betty.


For the most part, Betty remained in the comfort of her warm alcove of straw and hay. But as we stared at her munching on her bedding, she all of a sudden darted (as quickly as a turtle can dart) out and crawled towards Ella. This is Ella’s reaction as Betty made her way around the store, i.e. uncomfortable/terrified/nauseous/OHMYGODGETMEOUTOFHERE

(We did get out of there.)


This is my friend Rick. We went to Starbucks today and talked about the Dolphin Show and talked about our lives.

He likes to model for my camera. He is good at it.


This is my friend Lena. Today, she organized a picnic with a few friends on the lakefill, a manmade lake on Northwestern’s campus next to Lake Michigan (yeah, it doesn’t really make sense when I write it out but I swear it’s beautiful), and it was delightful.


This is Ella and her long hair blowing in the wind. This is also the moment right before my phone, plugged into my headphone cord, got caught in Lena’s blanket and, as she shook it out, flew up and hit Ella square in her front teeth.

Sorry, Ella.


This is the lakefill. It is beautiful (see!!! well, it is in the summer, at least), and for almost every Northwestern student, it represents our home here in Evanston.

Today, I said goodbye to my home away from home, goodbye to the Midwest, and goodbye to the familiar experiences of summer. Wish me luck as I say hello to a crazy, terrifying, and sososososo exciting nine days with my best friend, my camera, and plenty of delicious food on the West Coast.

Peace out, Evanston.


Edit: After publishing this blog post, I was feeling hungry, so I decided to make sweet potato fries. I cut up half of the largest sweet potato I’ve ever seen in my entire life into thin strips and fried it in some coconut oil on my stove … which proceeded to smoke up my apartment, causing the fire alarms to go off … which meant I had to wave a wet cloth at the fire alarms until they turned off.

It is 11:30 p.m. The cab picks me up tomorrow at 6 a.m. This is my life. Goodnight.


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