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The Blind Leading the Blind

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to do something I’ve never done before. My good friend A.J. works as a marketing consultant at a local Evanston restaurant called Blind Faith Café, and he asked me to take pictures of the food to use for social media purposes.

Note: I am not a professional photographer. I am not even close to being a professional photographer. I’m pretty bad, actually. I just have a decent Nikon DSLR, which A.J. does not—hence why he even bothered to ask me in the first place.

So, at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning (yes, you heard correctly—how I even got up at such an ungodly hour, I can’t begin to tell you), A.J. and I made our way a few blocks south of my apartment to Blind Faith, where I would be working my first freelance photography gig. Technically. (!!!)

Blind Faith Café is a vegetarian and “certified green” restaurant and bakery that also offers many vegan options. No meat is cooked on site, and for the most part, no fake meat, either. Blind Faith takes pride (or so it seems) in providing food that is an alternative to eating meat, rather than a substitute. Specializing in Asian dishes as well as the typical American fare (my favorite are the sweet potato fries, but that’s pretty much true at every restaurant), Blind Faith offers yummy options at about the same price as a non-vegetarian restaurant. Take that, veggie-haters!

When we arrived at the restaurant that morning, we were presented with five different dishes. It was like we were on a movie set—A.J. was the director, and I his cinematographer. He placed the dishes on various tables and cabinets while I stood on chairs and moved around the food like I knew what I was doing. (I didn’t.) Whether the pictures looked good or not, I don’t really know or care … ‘cuz it was a total blast. A.J.’s boss even let us eat the food when we were done, which I guess was my payment for an hour’s work. It was so worth it.

Note: The food was cold by the time we finished taking pictures, but that didn’t stop me from eating every single potato on that plate… Nom, nom, nom. SO GOOD.

Here’s a few shots from the morning’s shoot. Hope you like ’em.










Whether you’re a steadfast veg-head or a die-hard meat-eater, put your faith in Blind Faith Café. It won’t disappoint!


Blind Faith Café
525 Dempster Street
Evanston, IL  60201


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