Bienvenue, my little ants…

If you’ve reached my blog, then it means that

  • A: You are genuinely interested in my well-being as a good friend or family member and want to know more about my adventures and interests pertaining to all things candy and baked goods (Highly unlikely),
  • B: I bribed you with future baked goods so that you would at least open up the link to my blog and read the first few sentences (Definitely likely),
  • or C: You thought this was some vague reference to the Dave Matthews Band song “Ants Marching,” and now you’re pissed that all you’re looking at is some crazy girl yelling about how much she loves candy (Not necessarily likely or unlikely. Just get out while you can).

No matter why or how you’re here, welcome to my little anthill of the Internet world: little march(ing)ant. This blog is my place to post my random culinary adventures: from artisan chocolate stores to the neighborhood candy shop, from perfectly-crafted five-star desserts to the crap baked goods I throw together in my kitchen, and from worldly confections to the Baby Bottle Pop I just had to get at CVS at 9 PM on a Tuesday night.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I like having (eating) them. If you do, keep checking back frequently (because this girl can’t be without excessive amounts of sugar for more than 24 hours), and take some time to read my About Me page. And if you ever want to go on a sugar adventure with me, feel free to ask! I would love to lead someone along, as long as I get the first bite.


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